I have a very uneasy feeling in my stomach

I don`t know if it`s because I ate really greasy fried peas for a snack (so regretting that right now) or if it`s because I keep seeing really cheesy promposals on facebook or if it`s because of anxiety for my English exam tomorrow or if it`s because I possibly caught some of that stomach flu virus that`s going around in my classes right now or if it`s because my tumblr dash is really negative right now and I feel very upset or any or all of the above

in any case I want to just curl up (and maybe brush my teeth to get this greasy feel out of my mouth)


this looks so boring

seeing sad people on my dash makes me very upset

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cup noodles are a good idea until I`m left with an oily feeling in my mouth and I`m burping up air that tastes like my soup base for hours

Mandy // old url: wildtigershishio